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VUC SERVICES spol. s r.o. is a producer of specialised sugars including liquid and dry products with a portfolio of products and a team of technologists dedicated to sweetener solutions that are unrivalled in Central Europe. With both standard solutions and tailor-made products, we can match or improve desired taste and other end-product characteristics with competitively priced products deliverable in a range of packaging from sveral kilograms up to bulk tankers of liquid or crystalline products.

Among our product range are:

Liquid invert sugars and syrups:

Liquid invert sugar IS

We can supply white invert sugar to 25 ICUMSA or regular invert sugar above 25 ICUMSA. We are also able to supply special low colour lqiuid and invert sugars with colours from 2 ICUMSA to 10 ICUMSA. We can provide from low Brix to Brix 80, and from a 50% inversion up to a complete inversion of sucrose to its component monosaccharides, glucose and fructose. Most inversions are carried out by acid hydrolisis or enyzmatic hydrolisis as per customer request.


An ideal blend of invert sugar and fructose-glucose syrups, with no compromise to quality but at a more economical price to standard invert sugars. Special blends can be provided at lower relative sweetness levels to match the production and cost needs of particular applications like jams or baked goods.

Fructose syrups

VUC SERVICES thanks to its partner supplier, GALAM Ltd., can supply a range of fructose-based syrups, including FRUITOPURE VUC 95, a nearly pure fructose syrup with a colour below 25 ICUMSA.

Baking syrups

VUC SERVICES has a full range of baking syrups including traditional Golden Syrups and Treacles, but also blends of dark syrups with and without malt extracts, cane-based products, and specialised sweetening glazes. Some of these are equally applicable for use in applications such as licquorice production.


Naturmix are blends of extract of the STEVIA leaf, in order to provide a product lower in energy content, competitive in price, and from an all natural source for all of its components. Our blends of STEVIA not only help to create healthier final consumer products, but are designed on a case-by-case basis with our customer to ensure that there are no off or side flavours, with a resulting perfect sugar substitute.

Organic liquid sugar and organic invert sugar

These are certified organic cane products made to order. Our process is certified for organic production by KEZ of the Czech Republic.

Burnt Sugar

Our Burnt Sugar, also known as aromatic caramel , is a sugar-only derived product used primarily as a flavour ingredient in applications including baked goods, dessert toppings, sauces, coffee drinks, confectionery, breakfast cereals, and pet foods. Its secondary purpose is as an all natural colour. It can also be used as an ingredient option for spirits and alcoholic drinks under the EU definition of "burned sugar".  A certified organic version from cane sugar is also available.

Natural Brewing Syrups

We have developed a replacement to the standard European solution for malt beer, and dark beers where sugars are used, to eliminate entirely the use of caramel colour E150c, now considered in some jurisdictions as an unwanted and potentially carcenogenic. Same dark colour, but no E-numbers at all. Please write us for more information.

Liquid Polydextrose

We have a dedicated production line for regular and lower colour/reduced Maillard effect liquid polydextrose available in standard dry substance of 70% and custom dry substances up to 82%, dleivered in IBCs or bulk tanker.

Liquid sugar LS VUC

From low dry substance to 69% ds.

Other products:

Specialised crystal sugar products

These included SOFT BROWN SUGAR in several colour shades made from cane sugar, and beet based VERGEOISE sugars.

Fondants and Sucroline

We have begun production on a range of packaged fondant for confectionary and pastry, as well as a bee feed product.  We also offer Sucroline, a high Brix invert sugar, similar to products such as Trimoline, and used for products such as pastries, ganache, Belgium waffels and ice creams.

Dry blends and blending services

We can produce a variety of blended dry sweeteners, including ones including stevia, fructose, Neotame, erythritol, isomalt, sugar or maltodextrin, as well as with other materials including fibre from polydextrose. We can offer packaged products, inlcuding customer-designed labelling or printed packaging in 20 kg - 50 kg paper bags, PP bags, Bigbags, and have packaging facilities for 200g to 1000 g foil bags as well as small dosage tablets.

We also offer custom liquid blending services, including the use of customer-originated ingredients for applications such as health supplements, including extensive experience with stevia, HIS and polyols.

Animal Feed

We are a licensed manufacturer of animal feed and have a dedicated production line for this purpose, at present specialising in customer specific or tailor-made formulations for cattle, equine and bees.

Other plants of VUC:

EkoCover Paper mulching mats

Another project of VUC Services is a line for the production of EkoCover ecological mulching mats.
EkoCoverThe company put the line into operation in 2008 and since autumn of that year it commenced its own production. You can find basic information here at the website of
VUC Services spol. s r.o.


19 / 02 / 15

2015 sees the introduction of new dedicated production lines for:

- Liquid Polydextrose, low colour/reduced Maillard effect in dry substances from 70% to 82%

- Dark syrups for the brewery and baking industry, including an all new Brausirup for traditional Maltzbier

- Fondant specifically designed for bee feeding, including a version with added proteins and vitamins

- Increased capacity for our dry blending facilities, new options including a full range of polyols

- A dedicated animal feed line for cattle and equine liquid blends

22 / 04 / 14

In April 2014 VUC Services successfully passed certification for the food safety standard FSSC 22000.

29 / 06 / 12

We are pleased to announce that from 29 June 2012 all our products are certified as Kosher (Kosher Pareve) by the London Beth Din (KLBD). Please write us for a copy of the current certificate. Delivery in bulk of Kosher certified liquid sweeteners is available as well under specified conditions.


Certifikáty ISO a HACCP

Our products comply with FSSC 22000, ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and HACCP