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About Us

VUC Services spol. s r.o. has been producing food ingredients in Zvoleněves since the start of 2002, at the premises of the former Zvoleněves sugar factory which was founded in 1859. The Hapsburg family, the last ruling monarchs of the Austrian Empire, personally owned the factory until the dissolution of the empire at the end of the First World War. From 1919 to 2000 the factory continued to produce beet sugar under State and later private ownership. Following its closure in 2001 it was transformed by VUC Services into a specialist liquid sweetener production centre. 

VUC is Czech for the Sugar Research Institute, and the origin of VUC Services is also related to the continuation of the activities of this world reknown institute founded in 1921, and which was eventually based at the premises of the former Prague - Modřany sugar refinery. Following the sale of VUC by its then owner in 2001, it split its activities into research and engineering, based in Prague and carried out by VUC Praha, a.s., and production of sugar specialities at Zvoleněves and carried out by VUC Services.

Liquid sugars and their use in the food industry

The use of liquid sugars in the food industry has a long-standing tradition throughout Europe and especially in recent years it has undergone rapid development. Sugar processors decided to leave everything to do with the preparation of suitable types of sugars to sugar producers, that is sugar companies, and they focused their attention on their main production activity. Experience from throughout Europe proves that the use of liquid sugars is truly universal, and this applies for all possible versions of the product. Sugar companies are capable of preparing liquid sugar for their customers not only naturally of the same good quality but also in the composition that as much as possible simplifies its use in the production of final products. We can come across liquid sugars in all branches of the food industry:

  1. Production of non-alcoholic beverages and syrups (into any sweetened beverages).
  2. Production of alcoholic beverages, liquors, children's sparkling wines etc.
  3. Brewing industry.
  4. Dairy industry (flavoured milks, yogurts, cottage cheeses and others).
  5. Baking industry (glazes, fillings etc.)..
  6. Production of medicines and pharmaceuticals (medicinal syrups, drug flavourings etc.).
  7. Production of sweetened and frozen products (ice creams, ice cream cakes and other flavoured frozen products).
  8. Preserving industry (production of jams)..

Thanks to the technological and technical attributes of liquid sugars their use for sugar processors has expanded into other European Union countries including Germany, Austria, Poland, and as far as Belgium and Greece, as well as of course, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Liquid sugar – Raw material for the modern producer

The use of liquid sugars by processing plants brings a great simplification to production processes, both in connection with the production logistics as well as with the efficient utilisation of labour. The demanding manual manipulation for storage of sugar is removed, as is the need for suitable, extensive storage space. The same saving on manual work applies for the subsequent dissolving of sugar. Here there can be losses in sugar on one hand by careless manipulation and also by not shaking it all out of packaging. By using supplied liquid sugar the processor eliminates that energy-demanding process.
The preparation of liquid sugar is implemented from the supplier by automatic tanks with thermal equipment and the possibility of linking to all usual dimensions of food-making piping. Pumping from the automatic tanks takes place with the use of own electronic pumps or compressors with intake of air through micro-biological filters.

Storage of liquid sugars

Storage of liquid sugarsUsually food industry containers are used that are equipped with a volume gauge, a sanitation distribution channel and an outlet connected to a pump. For storing the volume of one automatic tank of a supplied mass of 25t and dry residue of 75% a container of a diameter and height of 3m suffices. With regard to the fact that the producer is capable of supplying liquid sugar 24 hours a day a minimal amount of storage containers will suffice even in the case of plants that operate continuously. Thanks to the possibility of continuous supplies from a liquid sugar producer it is possible by quality logistics of production and distribution to streamline the plant's cash flow. By using liquid sugars the production process at the consumer can be fully automated, while using the existing production equipment. The human factor can be eliminated from the production process as much as possible and therefore mechanical human work, which is a source of errors and subsequent economic damage, can also be eliminated. The entire production process can be described in this simple diagram: automation – trained service staff – laboratory control, all interconnected by mutual feedback. The entire production process can be managed in the automated process both in terms of volume and mass.

Other plants of VUC:

EkoCover Paper mulching mats

Another project of VUC Services is a line for the production of EkoCover ecological mulching mats.
EkoCoverThe company put the line into operation in 2008 and since autumn of that year it commenced its own production. You can find basic information here at the website of
VUC Services spol. s r.o.


19 / 02 / 15

2015 sees the introduction of new dedicated production lines for:

- Liquid Polydextrose, low colour/reduced Maillard effect in dry substances from 70% to 82%

- Dark syrups for the brewery and baking industry, including an all new Brausirup for traditional Maltzbier

- Fondant specifically designed for bee feeding, including a version with added proteins and vitamins

- Increased capacity for our dry blending facilities, new options including a full range of polyols

- A dedicated animal feed line for cattle and equine liquid blends

22 / 04 / 14

In April 2014 VUC Services successfully passed certification for the food safety standard FSSC 22000.

29 / 06 / 12

We are pleased to announce that from 29 June 2012 all our products are certified as Kosher (Kosher Pareve) by the London Beth Din (KLBD). Please write us for a copy of the current certificate. Delivery in bulk of Kosher certified liquid sweeteners is available as well under specified conditions.


Certifikáty ISO a HACCP

Our products comply with FSSC 22000, ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and HACCP