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Bee Feed

We have a range of liquid products and fondants for bee feed. Our new formulations have been developed with experts from Czech apiary research institutes so as to insure that the bees are being fed only digestible saccharides. Our main blended liquid products are Apismix VUC 45 and 65+, along with a sugar-only product, Apisysrup VUC 70+.

Apismix liquid blends of extremely high purity combining sucrose, glucose and fructose syrups, all found in the bees natural food, honey. It is in the majority composed of monosaccharides, with a complement of natural disaccharide sucrose, and almost completely excludes of any higher chain sugars, so that it complies with the natural abilities of the bees’ digestion tract. The majority of raw material is derived from beet sugar, the balance from sugar-derived fructose, and from glucose syrup. It is ready to use and needs no added water, so is suitable for gaps in the nectar flow and late winter feeding.

Apismix VUC 65+ is a higher Brix syrup with a more even proportion of fructose, glucose and sucrose. Apismix VUC 45 is the ideal combination of price and quality based on its proportion of simple sugars and sucrose. All of our products have guaranteed sugar spectrums as well as an HMF content of below 20ppm, and the actual content is often below 5ppm.

We also offer sugar-based fondants designed for ease of use in feeding, and will be increasing our selection of fondants during the course of 2015 with new and unique formulations to provide the best in bee nutrition at the lowest prices.

We are able to deliver liquid products in volumes from 14kg buckets, 25kg canisters to 25.000 kg tankers. Fondants are provided in packages of 15 kg. For detailed specifications, prices (delivered or ex-works) and usage recommendations please contact us at info@vuc.cz

Additional information is also available in our Bee Feed Brochure at the following link:

 Bee Feed Brochure


Other plants of VUC:

EkoCover Paper mulching mats

Another project of VUC Services is a line for the production of EkoCover ecological mulching mats.
EkoCoverThe company put the line into operation in 2008 and since autumn of that year it commenced its own production. You can find basic information here at the website of
VUC Services spol. s r.o.


19 / 02 / 15

2015 sees the introduction of new dedicated production lines for:

- Liquid Polydextrose, low colour/reduced Maillard effect in dry substances from 70% to 82%

- Dark syrups for the brewery and baking industry, including an all new Brausirup for traditional Maltzbier

- Fondant specifically designed for bee feeding, including a version with added proteins and vitamins

- Increased capacity for our dry blending facilities, new options including a full range of polyols

- A dedicated animal feed line for cattle and equine liquid blends

22 / 04 / 14

In April 2014 VUC Services successfully passed certification for the food safety standard FSSC 22000.

29 / 06 / 12

We are pleased to announce that from 29 June 2012 all our products are certified as Kosher (Kosher Pareve) by the London Beth Din (KLBD). Please write us for a copy of the current certificate. Delivery in bulk of Kosher certified liquid sweeteners is available as well under specified conditions.


Certifikáty ISO a HACCP

Our products comply with FSSC 22000, ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and HACCP