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April 2014

VUC Services has successfully achieved FSSC 22000 food safety certification.

August 16, 2013

VUC Services launches its own Honey Powder, an all-natural sweetener made from spray-dried honey on a maltodextrin base. Honey Powder is a useful addition to baked goods and speciality products like Halva to provide a natural honey taste in a dry, bulk form. It is commonly found as well in cosmetics such as creams, lotions, soaps and bath salts. It can be used as a stand-alone topping or an alterntative sweetener for coffee or tea. We can provide additional blended combinations to increase relative sweetness with natural fructose, cane sugar or stevia. 

February 20, 2013

VUC Services inagurated a new dry blending facility which can provide custom-made blends of sweeteners such as fructose, stevia, white sugar, brown cane sugar, maltodextrin, dextrose and alternative sweeteners. Final products are offered in packaging such as 1000 kg big bags, 50 kg bags (paper or PP, with PE liners), 25 kg two-ply paper bags with PE liners, and plastic buckets. Additional retail packaging servcies are available to 1kg and portion packaging, on-site or at packaging partners. 

April 22, 2012


SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is an online information exchange for businesses committed continually to improving the ethical performance of their supply chains. It focuses on four areas: labour standards, health & safety, environment and business integrity.


SEDEX enables member companies to more efficiently manage the ethical and responsible practices of their global supply chains through a software platform and a standard self-assessment questionnaire, which unifies the auditing process. The system provides risk assessments of suppliers based on the self-assessment questionnaire, which all suppliers must fill out when joining. This generates increased transparency through the provision of a secure, robust, and user-friendly information and data exchange.

SEDEX encourages a collaborative approach to, and management of, ethical and responsible business practices. SEDEX will enable VUC SERVICES to efficiently manage the ethical and responsible practices of our supply chains.

VUC SERVICES has already completed the SEDEX self-assessment reporting, and its data is free and accessible to all of its customers who are also members of SEDEX. In addition, VUC SERVICES invites customer-initiated audits of its ethical responsibilities.  The SEDEX program is a great opportunity for VUC SERVICES to join the growing list of companies committed to promoting ethical supply chain standards and transparency and collaborate with its customer base to pursue sustainable supply chain efficiencies.



Other plants of VUC:

EkoCover Paper mulching mats

Another project of VUC Services is a line for the production of EkoCover ecological mulching mats.
EkoCoverThe company put the line into operation in 2008 and since autumn of that year it commenced its own production. You can find basic information here at the website of
VUC Services spol. s r.o.


19 / 02 / 15

2015 sees the introduction of new dedicated production lines for:

- Liquid Polydextrose, low colour/reduced Maillard effect in dry substances from 70% to 82%

- Dark syrups for the brewery and baking industry, including an all new Brausirup for traditional Maltzbier

- Fondant specifically designed for bee feeding, including a version with added proteins and vitamins

- Increased capacity for our dry blending facilities, new options including a full range of polyols

- A dedicated animal feed line for cattle and equine liquid blends

22 / 04 / 14

In April 2014 VUC Services successfully passed certification for the food safety standard FSSC 22000.

29 / 06 / 12

We are pleased to announce that from 29 June 2012 all our products are certified as Kosher (Kosher Pareve) by the London Beth Din (KLBD). Please write us for a copy of the current certificate. Delivery in bulk of Kosher certified liquid sweeteners is available as well under specified conditions.


Certifikáty ISO a HACCP

Our products comply with FSSC 22000, ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and HACCP